When it comes to the planning of the complete marketing plan, the organizations that do not have any in-house team design the campaign to make a proper plan, turns towards the advertising agencies or the communication agencies. When the companies approach them, the communication agencies used their research expertise and creativity along with the instructions of the client to design a campaign that connects with the customers. When the services of these agencies are used properly, they save a lot of time of the organization. In addition to that, they also help the client to create campaign according to their requirement, the agencies also help in providing the industry and market expertise. With all this they help the organization in increasing their business revenue and the brand recognition.

History of communication service provider

The concept of advertising agencies, PR agency or communication agency comes in the late 1800s with a limited scope of working. That time, they did not create ads used to serve as a broker to book space for the advertisement in the magazines and newspapers. Over the time, these agencies added many different services in their profile to increase their revenue.


The key role of an advertising agency or the communication agency is to work in close association with the client to develop an advertising campaign. These agencies are staffed with art directors, copywriters, media planners, editors. Now, coming to the key roles of these agencies, then each of them remains specialized in some of the area, one can be good at media relation, then other can be good at the communication with the client. However, some agencies are also present that holds the expertise in performing almost all types of functions.They offer the service of public relation, advertisement making, campaign designing, brand making, communication and when it comes to designing of advertisement; they also play the role of graphic design agency in Sydney. Thus, it is not all incorrect to say that the communication agencies are the one that builds the brand and boost the business. Now, when it comes to taking the services of these agencies, then it does not mean one can visit any of the agencies. Instead, only those agencies should be hired for the work who holds both, the experience of work as well as the expertise to work.