In solitude, books are our companion. With a little imagination and creativity it takes you to a world that does not exist outside its pages, a world that complies with all your whims and fancies and lets you briefly escape the reality of life.

We love books and what they represent. We love to help you experience the same and take pride in what we do .our online magazine was born when we as readers ourselves did not have readily available information on upcoming titles and the best fiction novels to read, access to our favourite authors and what they are up to next, to know that motivates them to write the pieces they do and to study them to know how to find our voice in writing too. We had no right of entry or insight to the inspiration behind the best authors in Australia and wanted to know it all for your sake and ours.

Now as parents we want to instil the same values in our kids because we are a living testimony to the positive impact books make in one’s life. Therefore our page does not only come with a shout out to the best kids books to read and learn from. We have also started up an online magazine for young readers to use as a platform to pen their thoughts and also be able to connect with their peers who share the same passion, It was also an attempt from our end to use it as a stepping stone to ensure that our passion doesn’t die with us and that the torch will pass on to our future generations.

Though an online magazine we have somewhat achieved an illustration to the quote,’’ if you can’t beat them, join them’’. We are now promoting our books through the every medium that has driven the reader away and proud of the subscriber base we have achieved. Books from Good Reading Magazine are a safe and resourceful interest in contrast to many activities pre-teens and young adults have taken up today and will also help them broaden their language skills significantly. Books do not only emphasize on grammar and vocabulary, in contrast, it gives a preview of what the world is out there.

It conveys how each person is faced with, and reacts to different situations. It gives a reader a better sense of tolerance and understanding, a sense of appreciation and belonging to something and being able to relate to a lot of varied circumstances.Get your kids to read books the old fashioned way.