When talking about advertising the main factor we should talk about is promotions- it is a set of activities done entirely on the purpose to attract the client and make them interested in the specific brand, product or service. Advertising is a main part of any company or business because no matter what type of a business you run the more clients you have the more successful you will be therefore advertising is very important for the success of business.

The process of advertising is sometimes done by an inbuilt agency groups of a business, a government advertising company or a private company. Advertising agencies are also known as promotional agencies Melbourne as they promote the given brand or product to the customers helping you increase the profit of the business. This article will discuss about the roles of an advertising agency and make you understand the whole process.

  • Conducting Research.
    This is a main responsibility of an advertising company this role includes conducting research regarding the product or brand, conducting research on other companies that sell the same product or brand as well as the people who uses and buy the product. Under these point they should be able to know details about the product – what’s it made or, what’s it used for, the other varieties of the product. When it comes to other companies you have to research on how they sell it, what sort of tactics they have used. Under the customers research you should get an idea what sort of a population is this product mostly used, adults, teenagers if so you need to focus advertising to them directly.
    • Properly Planned Campaign.
      It is essential for an advertising company to develop a research based advertisement during the promotional campaign of the specific product. Under this category a company that is responsible for advertising will plan the whole campaign as to how the advertisement is delivered to the customers – the mode, television, social media, radio, billboards, posters, websites or specific locations. What sort of external products or people are used to deliver the message most agencies use promotional models or expensive cars when promoting a brand or a product in order to attract more customers.
      • Operating the campaigns
        This is the role of proceeding with the planned campaign – according to the results of researchers conducted and the mode of advertising you need to operate the campaign many large advertising industries continue the operation by themselves but not most of the time. Many companies do the steps up to planning and then handover it to the business to operate the campaign.