Most Expensive Bags And Ideas To Gift Them

All the women in the world have dream of having different kinds of handbags that are supposed to be of well-known brands of the world. But such bags are obviously supposed to be very expensive, so only rich and well-off women are able to buy these bags. Even if a woman has enough bags, she still wants more. Different handbags are available in different colors and designs. There are different brands for handbags that are famous internationally.

Branded bags in Brisbane are supposed to be available to the women for different events and stuff. Now-a-days, there are a lot of different brands for the handbags for women that can be chosen by them, according to their choice. It is always difficult for them to choose the best. Every woman, who goes out of her house, she has a purse or handbag with her, whenever she goes out. There are some women who prefer carrying wallets instead of handbags. There are some handbags that are gaining extreme popularity these days, like Minaudiere’s. These are supposed to be very popular among the celebrities and personalities like that, around the globe. Some of the luxurious women order special bags for the red carpet events that are supposed to match their outfits.

Bollywood celebrities:

Bollywood celebrities are very famous worldwide. They are always noticed having beautiful and expensive handbags with them when they go to different events and at different occasions like award functions, movie premiers, etc. There is a recent notice that Jacqueline Fernandez was seen carrying a box clutch which is supposed to be metallic and offered by Louis Vuitton brand. This is one of the brands that are considered to be the most expensive.

Different famous brands:

There are different brands for handbags that are considered to be very famous and expensive as well.

CHANEL: It is one of the perfect designer handbags and considered to be the best. The celebrities going for Oscar always get the bags of this brand.

FENDI: FENDI is one of the best known brands for handbags, which is affiliated with the Italian Fashion Luxury. This fashion house was established in 1925.

HERMES: It is also a very expensive brand of handbags. In the past years, there have been about sixteen thousand fake handbags of this brand.

HILDE PALLADINO: The bags in this category are supposed to be produced from the skin of crocodile. There are thirty nine diamonds that are fixed on the clasps that are created from gold, purely. This design is considered to be very fantastic and splendid.

LANA MARKS: Bags are made by making use of the skin if alligators, crocodile, ostriches, etc. There are different styles available in different colors. There are supposed to be about hundred and fifty different styles and about hundred different colors.