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5 Reasons To Ditch The Car And Ride Your Bike

More and more we are seeing cyclists take to the roads in favour of cars, and not all of them are wearing Lycra. 

So, here’s a list that will hopefully persuade you to join them with five reasons to ditch the car and hit the pedals.

1. Save money on petrol. Bikes are all about pedal power, so you can delay those traumatic trips to the petrol station where you end up spending sixty dollars or so to fill you tank up halfway. Instead of contemplating doing the dash because the thought of paying for that much for petrol is enough to send you into a depression, you can ride peacefully on your bike with no worry about petrol. If you ride and save cash on petrol, think of all the other things you can buy (shoes, new TV, the possibilities are endless), just a thought. If you ride the only cost you have is the cost of bicycle locker hire, and of course a stylish helmet, because, safety first.

2. Stop worrying about parking. From train stations to shopping centres and office buildings,they are all getting in on the craze and installing commercial bike racks. And, they are very rarely full. They take up very little space and cost little, so it is easy to provide ample bike storage. Train stations often have bicycle lockers that you can rent for a small fee which you can also stash anything else bike related that you don’t want to carry all day. It’s like having your own personal parking spot.

3. Get Fit. I’m not sure about you, but I have never seen a cyclist with legs that are flabby. You can get a serious leg workout (hello calf definition) whilst on your way to work/school/the train station. I don’t think your car can offer you that. If improving fitness levels isn’t a great reason then, think of the personalised parking once you get there (hello bicycle locker) and the fact you don’t have to do laps scouring the parking lot for people that are potentially leaving and feeling very much like a stalker.

4. So we’ve talked about the ease of bicycle parking racks and how you are basically guaranteed a spot, but we haven’t mentioned the good old environment. By riding a bike instead of driving, you’re decreasing you carbon footprint and doing your bit for the environment. It’s like composting but better.

5. Last, but not least. You can decrease the amount of times you go through a drive through fast food joint on your way home. Seriously, this is a legitimate pro. Last time I checked, they didn’t let bikes in the drive through so goodbye to the convenience of a drive by junk food fix. You’ll save money and health. Besides they don’t have any commercial bike racks (or bike racks of any kind) outside fast food stores. I checked.